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31 JULY 2023

We need more than an icon – this was the title of an article I wrote for The Weekend West This was about how women heroes and icons inspire us, but what we need is social and economic change to empower all women.

The Matildas have captured the hearts of the nation.

Near sell-out crowds and watched by millions of Australians – and many more will tune in tonight to watch the Matildas beat Canada.

They have sold more jerseys for Nike than the Socceroos.

Their national recognition must be applauded.

The shift in women’s sport symbolises a brighter future for women in Australia.

Women are indeed making inroads in all areas.

Women are 43% of this parliament and the ministry.

Last week I celebrated my anniversary as the first female Member for Swan in its 101-year history.

On Saturday, Labor's Magenta Marshall was elected as the first woman to represent the State seat of Rockingham. She will be a fierce advocate for her hometown.

She should be applauded.

But we should not stop at applause.

What women need is structural and policy change.

And Labor is driving this change. Cheaper childcare, raising minimum wage, improving workplace culture and making workplaces safer.

This is making a difference. In one year, Australia has jumped 17 places in the World Economic Forum Gender Equality Ranking.

As for the Matildas, thank you for the inspiration.

Its now time to kick some goals, literally!

Australia is right behind you tonight!

Go the Matildas!